The best AussieDoodle Puppies, From our home, to yours. AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodles.

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AussiePoo Puppies are what we do.  Happy, healthy AussieDoodles and happy families are our goal.  Here’s why we think we are one of the best Aussie Doodle Breeders and why we think we have the best Mini AussieDoodle puppies:

Only the most affectionate and healthy dogs will qualify to become a mommy or daddy. Our sires and dams are checked for genetic health issues (hips, elbows, eyes, MDR-1, and more) and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for animals. This will give you assurance, to know you are getting a healthy AussieDoodle Puppy for many years to come.

Before your Mini AussieDoodle comes home to you, each puppy is trained to sit, and wait patiently for treats. Good manners is the foundation for any puppy’s training plan.  AussieDoodles are the SMARTEST Dogs, hands down. After you pick your Aussie Doodle Puppy, you’ll be able to watch it 24 hours a day on our puppy cams. Are you interested in an AussieDoodle? AussieDoodles aren’t for everyone. Click here to see Is an Aussie Doodle right for me?

At AwesomeDoodle, every puppy is raised in the house, right under our feet. We have no kennels, no cages. All our mommy and daddy dogs are our loved pets. Only AwesomeDoodle offers a LIFETIME SUPPORT system for your dog.



Red Merle AussieDoodle Puppy, Sophie, at just 7 weeks old. Sophie is the star of our free training series, available exclusively to AwesomeDoodle puppy owners.


Sadie Woo with her mom Lisa, headed home to Durango, CO.


Mika with her mom Sana. We miss you Mika!

Riley, the rare red sable AussieDoodle


Mini Aussie Doodle Puppies

Dante, just a few days before going home to California and to start training as a comfort dog.