August Newsletter

Hey AwesomeDoodle Fans, 
Congratulations to Michele and Dave on this Stunning girl, Penelope, pictured here, as our FIRST “AwesomeDoodle of the month”.
Parents:  Ladonna’s London and Angus
Age: 7 months

Weight – 26 lbs.

“Couldn’t be happier with her disposition….sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much….she’s just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable.”
Michele E. – Biloxi, MS
We have wrapped up a very busy summer of puppies here in Louisville.  All 17 puppies from Robin, Winnie, Maddie and Mini Poochie have gone to their furever homes and we are getting great feedback from their owners.  We miss our little furballs, but know that they are all being loved and spoiled rotten.  Keep an eye on their pages on the website, as we will update them as we get new feedback and pictures.  It’s so fun to watch how these puppies grow!
Thanks to everyone who sent their guess for the number of puppies on Auna’s x-ray!  Lots of you were correct, she had 5 beautiful puppies!  Auna’s puppies are very special as they are all red sables (very rare) and 3 of the 5 are red sable merles (even more rare).  She had 4 girls and one boy and they have all been chosen by loving families who have been waiting a long time for their new addition.  Auna is proving to be a wonderful first-time mom and she is taking great care of her pups.  Check out Auna and her sweet babies on the puppy cam here:
Patches had a very large litter of 9 puppies.  It was a fun delivery.  Just when we thought she was finished, another pup would pop out!  She had 3 merles, a red bi-color and 5 tuxedos.  Her puppies are happy and healthy and Patches is a great mom.  All 9 of Patches pups have also been chosen by great families who are very excited to watch their new fur child grow over the next 6-7 weeks.
Monthly tip from Tom:
Just 15 years ago, there were only a handful of premium dog foods on the market. Today, it is literally a “dog food” war. Every provider, telling you why their food is better than the last. Pet owners have become more aware of better nutrition and want to make the best choice for their dog. But how do you choose? Don’t stress. No one food is perfect. Think about it, how can one single dog food have EVERYTHING in it your dog needs? Impossible. I love steak, but would you want to eat that every day of your life? When you get your AwesomeDoodle, you’ll want to keep it on the same food (Taste of the wild Bison and Venison puppy) for a month or two. After that, rotate your dog’s food every few months. Your dog will like some better than others, but they usually gobble it up, no matter what it is. Try different premium brands and cycle through them. Mix foods 50/50 during the transition. And if your dog is being a picky eater, boil a chicken and put a couple tablespoons of chicken broth on their food (no canned stock). It’s good for your dog and they love it. Chop up the chicken and give it to them as treats from your hand (not in their bowl). They deserve it. I do not recommend putting anything in their bowl besides dog food. I cannot confirm or deny if Winnie and Poochie get a scrambled egg on Sunday mornings 🙂
Upcoming Litter News:
Fall 2017 is set to be the biggest time for AwesomeDoodle puppies. Sammie, Maggie, Snowflake, London, Pumpkin and Glimmer have all had their dates and we are hopeful they all have healthy pregnancies.    Allie, Faith and Tater Tot should all be having a heat soon as well.  We currently have about 80 deposits and we have about 15 people who are waiting until 2018 to get a puppy, and with “back to school” and the holidays, many people will delay picking a puppy until spring.  If you are lower on our list but not particular about the color puppy you get, please contact us and we can try to estimate if will be able to get a puppy from one of these upcoming litters.
Jordan is raising Sammie’s litter in Columbus, Ohio.  She is due in late August. The ultrasound looks like 4 puppies but we are hopeful for 5.
Maggie will have a litter mid-September.
Snowflake is due around the same time, Snowflake’s puppies will come to Louisville at 6 weeks old, in late October.  Her puppies are a good choice for those who would like to choose their puppy at 6.5 weeks, instead of 1 week of age. As all our dogs, both Snowflake and Rio are fully DNA tested and clear of any genetic diseases.
This will be Pumpkin’s and Glimmer’s first litter.  We are very excited to see what colors we get from these beautiful mamas (and their handsome boyfriends). 
I know many of you are very anxious for your puppy.  Please know that we appreciate your patience and are working hard to get you the puppy of your dreams as soon as possible.  Simply put, you can get an aussiedoodle anywhere, but AwesomeDoodles are worth the wait!
From our home to yours,
Tom, Erin, Courtney and The AwesomeDoodle Family.