Adult AussieDoodle Photos

As we receive photos of our AussieDoodle puppies at 6 months or older, we will post them here.

Penelope: August 2017 D.O.T.M.

“She is awesome!!!  She’s incredibly sweet. She’s busy, curious, likes her toys, stays very close to me. I’m shocked at how well she’s done….I expected a lot more crying from missing her litter mates but she’s very happy being with us. She only got up once last night….goes outside and right back to sleep! She’s sweeter than I could have imagined!” “Couldn’t be happier with her disposition….sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much….she’s just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable. Haven’t really figured out what color she is/will be….I’d call her red with interesting brown undertones and white [Click to Read More]


“We LOVE Brandy. Very, very smart. Training going well. Brandy is the sweetest, loving, gentle dog. She and our Goldendoodle get along famously. She loves everyone and even other dogs that come for a visit! She weighs 34.3 lbs at 6 months old She’s 21 inches tall from floor to top of shoulders.” Brandy is a red tricolor AussieDoodle. She is the very first red tricolor we have ever had and we are so proud! Congrats to Pam and John S. She will be very loved.                               [Click to Read More]


Tucker is a Black Tri-color. “Tri” means he is black, white and gold / copper. His copper markings will get a little more prominent as he grows. It is rare for us to have tri-colors with this much copper on them; we love them. Congratulations to Griffin, Kendall, and Family!                                                  


“Hurley is AWESOME, no pun intended, we are all so excited to have him home and part of our daily life. Things are going surprisingly well and now I truly understand what “puppy crazytime” truly means. = ) they seriously just lose their mind.  Thanks to EVERYONE in the AwesomeDoodle family for bringing Hurley to us we are extremely grateful!”   UPDATE: Hi AwesomeDoodle Team: Hurley will be officially 4 months old this weekend and his growth over the last month and a half has been amazing!! He currently weighs almost 12 pounds since coming to us at 4lbs 9oz and [Click to Read More]

Oscar: Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

“I think he loves his life, and we love him. There were a lot of other dogs and people on the beach.  He met an aussie named Duke who was also 5 months old, a golden lab, a golden retriever, a black lab bull terrier mix named Riley, two Yorkies, and tons of people that stopped to say hello.  What’s even better, he’s such a good boy and is doing so well with our ability to trust his listening and training, that he was able to go off leash and play ball and Frisbee for a while, and walk with [Click to Read More]

Aria the Sweet and Petite AussieDoodle

“She was perfection from beginning to end of trip home. Tolerated plane and auto travel like a pro! She does really well in her carrier, which I use to take her in the car at this point because she is too small for her harness and car seat.  She would be content to have me carry her around most of the day… She does her business outside well, squats immediately after I say”go potty”. She does love people. Her little tail wags like crazy when she meets someone new. I have taken to calling her my “chocolate cream puff”. As [Click to Read More]

Rosie: Red Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

  Rosie at 7 weeks old. Hello Awesome doodlers: Rosie Doodle came into her new home just two weeks ago.  I am so grateful for all the help, support, suggestions and love that came in the Rosie package.  You helped me out so much to prepare and make this transition as easy as possible.  From picking me up at the airport, to providing food and treats (I arrived with only an empty dog carrier and water bowl), to including her smelly blue towel that reminds her of home.  She is simply an amazing pup.  She rings the door bells to [Click to Read More]

Max The Therapy Dog AussieDoodle

  “We love our Max! He is smart, loving, FULL of energy and so cute. Max has 2 speeds:  0 or 100.  At 11 weeks there is nothing in between.  He is doing great on his leash and loves playing in the backyard. He also likes coming to work with me; the staff at my office adore him.  He sits and lays down on command, and is getting better at fetch all the time. Tom let us know that Max did not like to be contained or left alone for even for a minute.  He even shared a video of [Click to Read More]