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Belle X Cash Puppies

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All their puppies already have families waiting, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.


“He slept well last night. We got him in the crate and he whimpered a little bit but went to sleep. He went potty once and then was wide awake at 4am this morning. He’s been really good all day. We went to the vet this morning. He’s 7.1 lbs now and they’re happy with his health. Stool checkup returned no parasites and we started heartwarm medicine today. He’ll get vaccines in about 2 weeks. He’s been such an easy going dog and everyone that’s met him just adores him and revel at how calm he is.” Rufus is a black [Click to Read More]


“Boomer has been in training since his little paws hit New Jersey soil and he is amazing. Boomer is almost finished with his puppy kindergarten class. We had his trainer come to school to check on the spaces we have for Boomer, to watch him in a class and around school. We wanted to make sure that everything was the best for Boomer. The trainer told us that only once in a great while you get a puppy like Boomer, he said we won the lottery. His personality was perfectly suited for therapy. I knew I won the lottery the [Click to Read More]


“She is a great puppy!!!! Super Smart. A great addition to the family!! Thank you so much!!” Bindi is blue merle female AussieDoodle. She has beautiful markings. We love the dark high contrast patches on her. Congrats to Brigitte and Tiffany and Family.                                            


“I am happy to say that after the first 2 days of not eating much and look oh so sad ( it broke our heart to see him like that!) Asterix is doing very well, had his first visit with vet last week and is at 5 lbs. His potty training  is going well with just few accidents and has a collar and was doing well with the leash until yesterday when he has started to bite at it and also started to growl and pant biting – am watching your videos to understand what to do.  He is very good [Click to Read More]


“Cooper is doing great! He is a hit with all our family, friends, neighbors, baseball families, and the vet. Everyone that meets him loves him! They’re impressed with how well behaved he is and they all love that they can pet him.” Cooper is a black and white Tuxedo and he is one of the rare ones with tons of white. What a cute boy. He looks just like a bi color Aussie. Congrats to Denise W and Family!                                             [Click to Read More]


“Thanks for the check in. Things are great with Leo. He’s relaxed and gotten more energetic, playing harder, sleeping better (first few nights predictably rough), and having so much fun exploring his new place. He’s SO SMART – already sort of ringing bell to go out some of the time, knows where to go, is coming when called, sitting calmly once he arrives (sometimes after some jumping around of course) knowing he’ll be rewarded, and starting to play fetch.” Leo has it all. Blue merle boy with striking markings and copper all over him. Congrats to Kim S and family.   [Click to Read More]


“We LOVE Brandy. She is such a love. Very, very smart. Training going well.”   Brandy is a red tricolor AussieDoodle. She is the very first red tricolor we have ever had and we are so proud! Congrats to Pam and John S. She will be very loved.                                                


Tucker is a Black Tri-color. “Tri” means he is black, white and gold / copper. His copper markings will get a little more prominent as he grows. It is rare for us to have tri-colors with this much copper on them; we love them. Congratulations to Griffin, Kendall, and Family!                                                  

Ollie Von Doodle

Ollie is a red merle boy. And what a handsome boy he is. All the markings of a red merle Aussie. Congrats and Wendy, Shawn, and Family.