Colors of AussieDoodles

What color AussieDoodles do you offer?

We typically only make “F1” AussieDoodles, which means they are Poodle X Aussie. By doing so, we get the same wider variety colors of AussieDoodles, and some of the same colors you would see in Aussies. We are in love with Aussies and we love they way they look and act, so that’s another reason we do 50% Aussie, 50% poodle.

Some AussieDoodle breeders argue that F1 AussieDoodles are unpredictable in terms of shedding. There is some truth to that. If puppy gets more of the “Aussie” fur genes, your puppy may shed more than a dog that gets more of the “Poodle” hair genes. Our owners report their dogs are VERY low shedding, and some owners report no shedding at all.

If you want a dog that doesn’t shed at all, get a poodle. If you want “head turner” dog that looks and acts more like an Aussie, with VERY low shedding, then you may want to consider an AwesomeDoodle! We LOVE the wide variety of colors we get. To date, we have never had to put a “collar” on different puppies so we can know who is who. They are all unique in their own way.

Below are some of our past puppies, demonstrating the typical colors you can get with AwesomeDoodle.

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Penelope: August 2017 D.O.T.M.

“She is awesome!!!  She’s incredibly sweet. She’s busy, curious, likes her toys, stays very close to me. I’m shocked at how well she’s done….I expected a lot more crying from missing her litter mates but she’s very happy being with us. She only got up once last night….goes outside and right back to sleep! She’s sweeter than I could have imagined!” “Couldn’t be happier with her disposition….sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much….she’s just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable. Haven’t really figured out what color she is/will be….I’d call her red with interesting brown undertones and white [Click to Read More]

Marley: the blue merle aussiedoodle puppy

“Marley is the most amazing puppy.  New sounds and people do not seem to bother her at all and she never cried last night.  In fact, she went right in her kennel and slept from 10pm to 7am this morning! The pick up with Jordan went picture perfect!  Thank you for the coordinated effort.” Catherine and Mike Marley is a blue merle AussieDoodle and will grow to be about 30lbs. What a cutie! This is an amazing little girl. We can’t wait to see how she develops as she grows. Congrats to Catherine and Mike as they have been waiting a very [Click to Read More]

Lilly: Black Bi Color Tuxedo

Lilly is a Black bicolor, tuxedo AussieDoodle. She has all black front feet, white back feet, and lots of white on her chest. We expect her to top out around 35lbs. Lilly‘s personality is starting to shine. She and her twin sister, Violet, like to stick together. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are both fairly calm and submissive, and both love to be held and snuggled. Lilly is outgoing, but not too rambunctious. She is NOT SHY at all, loves everyone, including strangers. We expect her temperament to be very well [Click to Read More]

Luci: Red sable aussiedoodle puppy

“She is prissy, sassy, tough, gentle, loving, affectionate, full of spunk!” Her colors are rich and very unique. We are looking forward to seeing how she grows. Congratulations to Kathy and Brian C.                                      

Linus: Tricolor aussiedoodle puppy

Linus is a super cute black tri-color AussieDoodle. Linus has lots of copper on him and we can’t wait to see how it comes out as he grows! Congrats to Matt And Magdelena. Linus is going to have a fun life!                            

Milo: Bi-color, tuxedo aussiedoodle puppy

Milo is an adorable black bi-color / tri-color Tuxedo puppy. He has super cute little white fingers on all four of his feet. If you look closely, you can see tiny bits of copper highlights in his fur. We are excited to see how his coat changes as he grows. Congrats to Molly and Al!                              

Max: Cinnamon / Blue Merle aussiedoodle puppy

Max is a gorgeous cinnamon / Blue merle Aussiedoodle girl. Max has lots of copper and a rare, split color face. She will be stunning as she grows. Congrats to Sarah and Kip on this beautiful girl!                        

Dakota: Cinnamon merle aussiedoodle puppy

“Dakota did so great on the way home! He just “chilled” in his crate. He has gone potty a lot, and seems to have a toy he loves already. We are so in love and hope he continues to do well.” Congrats to Savannah & Paul. They have been waiting a long time for this perfect puppy! Dakota has some copper coloring on his legs and we expect his coat might have some dark red or cinnamon tones as he grows older. We are so excited to see how he matures.                     [Click to Read More]

Trudy: Classic Red Merle

Trudy is a female, red merle AussieDoodle. Trudy has an incredible white collar, distinct merle contrast, perfect markings, and best of all, a gorgeous copper-blazed face. Congratulations to Alex S. 6 months old                                          

chocolate and red merle aussiedoodle puppy

Tessie: Red merle aussiedoodle

“She is doing great.  She does get the crazies, as expected, but she is pretty good about redirection.   She loves to play with Gracie,  the havanese. She is walking on leash pretty well now and knows exactly where Gracie lives.  She will cry and try her hardest to get us to walk up Gracies driveway to play.  Let Jennifer know she is still pretty vocal.  I remember hearing that comment on a weekly video.  We chuckled (and winced a bit) when we heard that! We take her out all the time and she is a huge people pleaser.  Almost [Click to Read More]

Tucker: Red merle aussiedoodle

“Tucker is doing great. He is so smart – already going up and down stairs, easily finds his way home, sits for food and to go outside. He is so fun and engaging; curious about everything but mostly, his pure love of people draws everyone in. He treats everyone like his new best friend. What a gift! If there is a more perfect dog somewhere, you’d have to convince me. Thanks to you and your family for your tremendous care of him!” Steve and Brenda Congrats to Steve and Brenda W.!                   [Click to Read More]

red merle and chocolate merle mini aussiedoodle puppy

Remi: Red merle mini aussiedoodle puppy

“He is doing great! The whole family is in awe of him. He has never cried at night from day one. He goes right in the crate as long as he can see me and right to sleep. The bells on the door are working well, he rang yesterday probably 75% of the time. We had company last night and they couldn’t believe it. Remi loves everyone he meets. He was sitting and making eye contact by his third day with us. I use that when I need crazy puppy to stop. Lol I could go on all day…. I [Click to Read More]

Oscar: Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

“I think he loves his life, and we love him. There were a lot of other dogs and people on the beach.  He met an aussie named Duke who was also 5 months old, a golden lab, a golden retriever, a black lab bull terrier mix named Riley, two Yorkies, and tons of people that stopped to say hello.  What’s even better, he’s such a good boy and is doing so well with our ability to trust his listening and training, that he was able to go off leash and play ball and Frisbee for a while, and walk with [Click to Read More]

Poppy: Blue Merle Doodle

“Poppy is doing great!  She finished her two-week, full time puppy training and is now a pro at sit, down, and wait for it…as long as there are treats involved.  She has slept through the night in her crate from day one and is starting to ring the bell when she needs to go out. She has made fast friends with our dog walker and charmed everyone in sight in her first trip to Home Depot last weekend.  She’s just about the perfect puppy. Except she’s getting big too fast. Any advice on how to slow that down?”   This is [Click to Read More]

Red Merle AussieDoodle Puppy

Moe: The Red Merle AussieDoodle

This is Moe, and he has gone home with Bill and Deb in Louisiana, congratulations. He is a beautiful little guy. We can’t wait to see how he looks as he grows.              

Mika: Blue Merle AussieDoodle

Mika, the gorgeous Blue Merle Mini AussieDoodle puppy, heading to her new home in Georgia.                              

Monroe: Red bi Aussie Doodle Puppy

“The journey we took from the time Winnie was pregnant to the time we picked up Monroe was awesome! We enjoyed watching the puppy cam. We felt so connected to Monroe. It was fun watching the puppies grow and interact. Our daughter has a puppy from Winnie’s December 2015 litter. As we watched their Winnie grow we knew this was what we wanted a dog.  Monroe knows his name. Has learned to fetch and is becoming comfortable with his collar. He does well with his crate training. Monroe loves attention and has bursts of very high energy. He is so [Click to Read More]

Rosie: Red bi color AussieDoodle Puppy

  Rosie at 7 weeks old. Hello Awesome doodlers: Rosie Doodle came into her new home just two weeks ago.  I am so grateful for all the help, support, suggestions and love that came in the Rosie package.  You helped me out so much to prepare and make this transition as easy as possible.  From picking me up at the airport, to providing food and treats (I arrived with only an empty dog carrier and water bowl), to including her smelly blue towel that reminds her of home.  She is simply an amazing pup.  She rings the door bells to [Click to Read More]

Tilly: Red Merle AussieDoodle Puppy

Don, Christy and family, from Orlando Florida hold their new red merle AussieDoodle Puppy, Tilly. What can we say about our experience with AwesomeDoodle to get our puppy Tilly…..AWESOME!! We knew that this was the puppy for us when we saw the care that they took in making sure his puppies were placed in the right home.   It truly showed his passion for these little wuppies.  After interviewing twice and sitting on the edge of our seats for a couple days we got the news that YES, we will be owners of one of Winnie’s new pups.   With having [Click to Read More]

Charley: Red merle AussieDoodle Puppy

Charley, going to her new forever loving home, with Courtney and Eric. We are so thankful to AwesomeDoodle’s Tom and Larissa for our Charley.  From our first phone conversation, we knew that this experience would be different from other breeder options.  Tom and Larissa took the time to interview us, and ensure that we were ready for a puppy, helped us understood the challenges of raising a puppy in an apartment, and shared more about the AussieDoodle breed.  We really appreciated that they took the time to make sure all of the puppies were going to loving and prepared homes. [Click to Read More]