Considering an AwesomeDoodle – FAQ

Considering an AwesomeDoodle? Is an AussieDoodle right for you? Below are our most common questions we get from our future families. Our AussieDoodles are incredibly smart dogs. The smarter the dog, the more of a challenge it can be. Our dogs are NOT couch potatoes. They will not do well being left alone. They need to run off leash several times a day. Do your homework before getting an AussieDoodle.

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Do your puppies go to the vet?

At AwesomeDoodle, we do what we do best, and that’s raising well rounded and affectionate puppies. But when it comes to medicine, we leave that up to the vet. While most breeders cook up their own concoction from farm stores like “Tractor supply” in order to save a few bucks, AwesomeDoodle lets the vet do what he does best. Q. What vaccinations will my puppy get, before it comes home? A. Every puppy gets it’s first set of vaccinations (aka puppy booster shots) at 6 weeks old. When your puppy goes to the vet at 6 weeks, you will receive [Click to Read More]

Tell us about AwesomeDoodle?

There is so much to tell; how much time do you have to read? In a nutshell, we aren’t professional dog breeders. Instead, we’re regular families, just like you, who love dogs and people too. We have normal houses with normal yards. We do not have “kennels” or barns or garages; every litter is raised right in our house. We do not keep any dogs in cages. All of our dogs sleep on our bedroom floor every night. We take care to only breed dogs who have been cleared free of any genetic conditions. CLICK here for a quick look [Click to Read More]

How long is the wait for an AwesomeDoodle?

This is a common question and it’s really difficult to predict. If you are not picky about your size or color, your puppy may be born in just a month or two. If you’re very specific about size and color, it could take up to a year. After placing your (refundable) deposit, we will keep you up to date where you are on our pick list and contact you when it’s your turn to pick. At that time you can pick a puppy,  or choose to wait for another litter. Obviously, the multi colored puppies are in high demand. But [Click to Read More]

Where can I find a GOOD AussieDoodle, now?

If you want to get a good dog, find a breeder you like and give them a deposit  to get on their “pick list.”  I know it’s frustrating.  Who wants to give a deposit for a dog they have not even seen yet?  However, if you want a good dog, it is a MUST to place a deposit, and then you can get a pick when puppies are born.  Most of our deposits are received 2-6 months in advance.  Sometimes longer if you are very picky about gender and color.  EVERY DEPOSIT is 100% refundable for any reason. We would [Click to Read More]

Where are you located?

Home base is in Louisville, KY, and we have partners who raise mini AussieDoodle Puppies in Searcy Arkansas, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Akron, OH, Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, and Denver, CO.  You are welcome to pick up your puppy from any of the locations. Do NOT limit your choice of puppy, based on location. You should get the puppy you want! If your perfect pup is located too far for driving, don’t worry, you have options. Many of our puppies ride home on airplanes, usually under the seat with our own “puppy nanny” or their owner.  Some puppies [Click to Read More]

I want to see my puppy!

Yes! Here’s what you’ll get: 24/7 access to live PuppyCam from the time the pups are 1 week old, to 5 weeks old (except in our Mississippi and Arkansas locations). Weekly, QUALITY pictures of your puppy, like this: Weekly videos of your puppy, like this:

AussieDoodles vs other *Doodles

If you’re already researching Australian Shepherds, then you probably already know how loyal and smart they are. AussieDoodles are known as the “Einstein” of dog breeds. Why is that? Australian shepherds and poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds out there. Golden retrievers and Labradors are smart too, but what sets the AussieDoodle apart from LabraDoodles and GoldenGoodles, is the loyalty characteristic in the Aussie. Below are a few things to consider (these are simply my opinions), remember, 90% of your dog’s personality will come from the way you shape it’s behavior and socialize it. AussieDoodle highlights: *Typically able [Click to Read More]

AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodle Sizes

We have a range of sizes of dogs. As puppies are born, if your name comes up in our pick list, and you don’t want that size dog, you’re welcome to wait until the perfect sized dog is ready. We will keep your name on the list and you won’t lose your pick spot. Current sizes offered: Small standard (40-50lbs) Large Mini  (30-45lbs) Small Mini  (20-30lbs) Large Toy:  (15-20lbs) Toy:  (5-15lbs) Click here to see our dogs on our CREW page. * Estimated size of puppy when full grown. Size not guaranteed.              

Is an AussieDoodle right for me?

Our AussieDoodles are smart, happy go lucky dogs.  They love EVERYONE!  They are very low shedding, low allergenic dogs.  That said, the are NOT fit for every family.  We rarely send puppies home to homes where adults work out of the house, or families in apartments.  Aussiedoodles, especially ours, are incredibly smart dogs.  They are NOT HAPPY, sitting around for 8 hours, waiting for their master to come home.  They are too smart to sit there with nothing to do.  Just like a child, AussieDoodles can develop behavior problems, if they are not engaged in human interaction, and not exercised [Click to Read More]

Are AussieDoodles Hypoallergenic?

While no dogs are 100% Hypoallergenic, poodles are known to be one of the most tolerable dogs for people with allergies.  Short haired dogs are usually the worst, while long haired dogs are known to be better.  To date, no family has ever returned one of our F1 AussieDoodles due to allergies (or any reason). We have sent dozens of puppies home to families who report they have “mild allergies”, and they always report no reaction to our F1 AussieDoodles. That said, we could (no one could) not guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction to one of our puppies. [Click to Read More]