Diva’s Pups

Diva X Jackpot Puppies

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All their puppies already have families waiting, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.


Teddy is a black and copper phantom aussiedoodle with a TON of copper. This little guy is going to be the cutest! Congrats to Jen and Kevin in Texas.  


Kona is a Black and Copper Phantom AussieDoodle with lots of rich copper. She has cute little copper eye brows. Congrats to Noella and Janine in Arizona.


Mable, is a sweet little Black and Copper phantom AussieDoodle with exceptional copper markings. Congrats to Robert and Stephanie in Kentucky.


Phoebe is a sweet little black and copper phantom AussieDoodle. She is adorable. Congrats to Tamera in Oklahoma.


Ruby is a black and copper phantom AussieDoodle Puppy. Her copper is going to be so rich! ¬†Congrats to Erica and Larry in Michigan.  


Willie is a blue merle AussieDoodle puppy with very rich copper. He will look a lot like Annie. Congrats to Kasey and Dave in Massachusetts.