Faith & Cash

Faith X Cash Puppies

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All these puppies already have families, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.


Ollie is a little adorable guy with lots of white. He’s a classic looking tuxedo and a little copper color on his right arm. Congrats to Whitney and Nick!                                                      


Watson is a red bi-color male. And oh what a beautiful boy he is. A full white collar is very rare to find in an AussieDoodle. Congrats to Ben and Abbie on this adorable little one.                                                      


“So happy to have EBONY!  Ebony has brains and beauty !  She gave a little whimper we pulled over and she peed! She is the best! I love her already!  I got the BEST MOTHERS Day present ever!” Thanks for your CONTINUED concern & dedication. EBONY is thriving ,healthy & happy !  She has a vet on Tuesday but I weighed her today and she is now 4# 3 oz .  She has no poop accidents Pee still a  bit of a challenge !  She will pee if I take her to “potty ” She walks nicely on a leash, [Click to Read More]


“Lennon is amazing! We got home a couple of hours ago. He did great in the car and so far so good at home. He could very easily become a real lap dog but I’m purposely trying not to pick him up too much. Right now he’s quietly sitting under the chair I’m sitting on. I know it’s still the honeymoon period but he is just so good! He follows me everywhere but I assume that will change as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings.” Lennon is arguably the best red tri-color we have ever had. Wait… he’s the [Click to Read More]


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for providing the cutest, most loving, and incredibly smart puppy I have ever met! Oliver is doing great. He has picked up pretty quickly where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and we have been working on our basic training (He really likes the “dont look at treats” move and dramatically looks away from my hand), and his mouthy-ness. We haven’t quite had a full night of sleep, but I think we’re getting there. He’s a big hit with everyone he meets, and loves to walk right between [Click to Read More]


“Hurley is AWESOME, no pun intended, we are all so excited to have him home and part of our daily life. Things are going surprisingly well and now I truly understand what “puppy crazytime” truly means. = ) they seriously just lose their mind.  Thanks to EVERYONE in the AwesomeDoodle family for bringing Hurley to us we are extremely grateful!”   UPDATE: Hi AwesomeDoodle Team: Hurley will be officially 4 months old this weekend and his growth over the last month and a half has been amazing!! He currently weighs almost 12 pounds since coming to us at 4lbs 9oz and [Click to Read More]


“Thanks Awesome Doodle, you lived up to, and possibly surpassed, our expectations!  We think Gracie is settling in nicely considering her very long flight and being separated from Jordan and her siblings. We think she may be the cutest pup ever, with the exception of our last mini Aussie. Gracie is doing great. She is busy exploring her new yard (that has no grass but a couple of trails and lots of bark she enjoys digging in).  She has her own wading pool she jumps (and pees) in several times a day and several toys. She is getting so used [Click to Read More]


“We have had Brombie less than 24 hours and we are totally amazed at this incredible puppy. Dogs have been a part of our lives for a long time and we have loved each and every one dearly. Brombie clearly is exceptional. We want to thank all the Doodle Crew and especially Jordan for allowing this awesome puppy to be part of our lives. It was obvious from the first moments we interacted with Brombie that he had been raised with love. We are totally impressed with all the professionalism and dedication that is Awesome Doodle. We also appreciate all [Click to Read More]


Maverick is an blue merle AussieDoodle, WITH COPPER black on his face and legs. Congrats to Alexander and Logan, they have been waiting a long time for this sweetie.