Our Pets

Sugar Baby

Sugar, Sugar Baby, Sugar Bear, we have lots of nicknames for her, but one thing is for certain: she has spunk and personality. Sugar Baby lives in her forever home with Jennifer and Aaron in Bloomington, Indiana. She’s what we call a “Guardian dog” just like Robin. Sugar lives with her Winnie X Ares AussieDoodle sister, named “Winnie Jr”. She has a fun life with Jennifer, Aaron, and their 4 kids. Sugar goes to Tom’s house every few months for “vacations” and hangs out with Tom and family. Sugar is just as comfortable at either home. Sugar will also go [Click to Read More]


 Jackpot is a Klein Poodle who was imported In-Utero from Germany.  He is 16 1/2 inches tall, about 15-18lbs, and a stunning phantom with DARK red markings.  He is a Velcro dog. He thinks he needs to go where ever I go.  He loves riding on the Gator when we feed horses or going on the boat when we go out to the lake. He goes to lowes and home depot and just about anywhere 4 legged friends are allowed. Jackpot is a happy clown of a dog who loves to play with the kids.  He is CLEAR on all [Click to Read More]


We’ve been waiting for this girl! If you thought Patches was a sweetheart, just wait till you meet Diva. Diva will melt your heart with her loving and happy go lucky attitude. Extremely loyal, gentle, and most of all intelligent. She is the go anywhere, do anything doggie. She goes on long truck rides with Natalie, Kris and the horses and she loves meeting new people, but sticks to her owners like a good dog should. Diva is 33lbs and we expect her puppies to be in that same size range.


Milo, the toy sized poodle will melt your heart. At just 5.1 lbs (yes you read that correctly) he is one tiny little guy. Milo lives in his forever home with his human parents Jessie and Adam. He will be a boyfriend for Gracie May and possibly HoneyBee. It’s difficult to tell just how small he is, but if you notice in the photo, our freshly cut grass comes up to his knee 🙂  Milo is ALL BLACK and we expect that to help bring out the colors in the Aussie. Stay tuned for Gracie May X Milo Photos.  

Zoe, our first AussieDoodle Mom

Zoe is a blue merle female AussieDoodle Puppy with full white collar AND flashy copper. She is going to look just like her mom, Maggie. Zoe will stay at AwesomeDoodle with Cheryl and Jason, to make F1B AussieDoodle puppies in Tulsa, Oklahoma in spring of 2019. You are sure to see lots of updates for Zoe in upcoming months.        


Juno is the perfect jogging partner, swimmer, boater, golf cart rider, she does it all. Juno is a perfect example of a “velcro” dog, and she loves everyone, even strangers. Juno will have her first litter of AussieDoodles soon. She is 19lbs so we expect her puppies to be in that size range. Juno is full sister to Pumpkin. Watch the video below to learn all about Juno.  


HoneyBee comes from a breeder who specializes in sweet “lap dog” type toy Aussies, which LOOK like real Aussies. At just 12 lbs full grown, she is our second smallest Aussie (just above Gracie at 9 lbs). We LOVE HoneyBee to death. If she had her way, she would be smothered in your love all day. But she’s also able to explore the back yard on her own and can entertain herself sometimes. Just look at the copper on this girl! And those blue eyes will melt you. HoneyBee likes to sit on your lap, and she rarely barks and [Click to Read More]


Layla comes from one of the top breeders in the USA. We waited a year to get this amazing girl. Layla is perfect in every way. A small mini Aussie, She is 31lbs and the most STOCKY dog we have.  Her parents are both Champions. She is perfect bone structure. She’s got the look, the stature, and best of all, she’s as sweet as they get. I got on a very long waiting list and waited patiently for the perfect red merle. Layla came to be when she was 9 weeks old and I raised her for the first month. [Click to Read More]


Ares, aka “Loverboy” is a 18lb, “Silver and beige Mini Poodle.” He lives in a guardian home and only comes to visit when it’s time to make a magic with our girls.  Ares is an amazing dog!  He is a little shy of strangers at first, but then he warms up and as sweet as can be. Ares and Cash are our #1 handsome studs for our litters.  Ares makes sweet, affectionate, very low shedding AussieDoodle puppies, in the 17-40lb range, depending on his girl.  His silver color allows the beautiful colors of the Aussie to shine through. We’ve tried [Click to Read More]


Robin is a 16lb, 13.5″ tall, Toy Sized, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She lives with Becky and her family in Prospect, KY. Robin is a guardian dog. That means she lives a fun life in her furever home, but she comes here for play-days and to have her puppies. She is docile, playful, lower energy, submissive, and best of all, she is extremely affectionate.  Don’t let her small size fool you; she’s just as intelligent as the rest of our pack. Robin lives with Becky, her forever home and family. When she comes here, her eyes LIGHT up and she [Click to Read More]

Mini Poochie

Mini Poochie is an AKC registered, Champion Quality, Mini Australian Shepherd, weighing in at 29 lbs and 16″ tall. Since her first litter of puppies, everyone wants a Poochie pup! Poochie pups grow to the 24-29 lb range.  Mini Poochie LOVES to snuggle and is so affectionate, and her puppies follow suit.  She will usually hang out in whatever room you occupy.  Poochie can be independent as well.  She will go out in the back yard, find a place to perch and she will hang out on her own.  Poochie has a little less energy, and is a little less [Click to Read More]

Winnie, the dog that started AwesomeDoodle

Winnie is not a just another dog who makes beautiful puppies.  She’s exceptional, and so are her puppies. No, she probably wouldn’t win any blue ribbons in the show ring, but that’s not why we make puppies with her. Like every dog you see on our website, she is our family pet.  Winnie is the dog that got it all started.  We decided to make puppies because of her loving temperament, her agility, and her beautiful smile. She’s the dog that got us hooked. Winnie’s last litter will be in December of 2017. Her puppies are so desirable, we have [Click to Read More]


Annie is the daughter of TaterTot. Look at that face! She will have her first litter puppies in 2018. She is a large mini. She will go through all our normal AwesomeDoodle testing for temperament & health testing. Annie is an exceptional dog, raised by Natalie herself.


  If you like Patches, you’re going to love Tater Tot; she is Patches’ sister. Watch the video below to see just how sweet this Tater Tot is. We love her. TT had her first litter of AussieDoodles in March 2017. Tater Tot is clear for PRA/PRCD, MDR1, and she will have her joints, knees, and hips evaluated soon. Tater Tot is a daughter of “Rebel” who is the famous champion mini Black Tri Aussie with one blue eye.


If you think our dogs are all “city” dogs, look out, because here comes a “country” dog named Patches.  Patches is a ASDR registered, sweet and fun loving “mini” blue Merle, Australian Shepherd, at 27lbs.  Patches is very affectionate, as you can see by the pictures, and she loves to be close to her family.  She prefers to stay at your side and is interested in anything you are doing.  She looks at you as if to say…..”Can I help?”  She will NEVER turn down a belly rub.  Patches has an incredible temperament, just like her parents; gentle, loving, and loyal. Patches will captivate [Click to Read More]


Khloe had her first heat in July 2017 so we expect her to go into heat again around February, 2018. Look at that cute face. Stay tuned for a full bio on Khloe.


London is a small standard chocolate colored poodle. She is 21 inches tall and weighs 35 lbs. She was born in May of 2015. London‘s PRA test was clear, and she will get her hip x/rays done when she is 2 years old. London is AKC Registered. London is very loving and wants to be loved back very much.  London is always curious about what we are doing and she likes to be a part of what ever we are doing.  London loves to play, run, and romp around the yard with Angus and our poodle Khloe.  She also loves [Click to Read More]


LaDonna’s Angus is a Blue Merle miniature Australian Shepherd with two ice blue eyes. He was born in March of 2015, and LaDonna has had him since he was a puppy. He weighs 32 lbs and is 17 1\2 inches tall. Angus is registered with ASDR and has been PRA and MDR1 tested and was clear on both tests. Angus is OFA certified as well. He has good hips and knees and joints. Angus is very smart and learns quickly, he loves to be challenged athletically.  Angus loves to go hiking on trails, he wants to smell every rock and look [Click to Read More]


His name is Johnny Cash but we call him Cash, because of his nice jet black coat. His playful spirit is contagious as he usually starts a game of tag or catch me if you can around the yard. Cash stands 19 inches tall and 24lbs. Cash is AKC registered and has a nice stance (stack) that is sure to catch your eye. Cash enjoys walks on a leash, as well as free roam time. Cash loves his crate and enjoys sleeping in it most nights, but before that, Cash is ready for snuggle time. He’s a good boy and [Click to Read More]


Faith is a classic blue merle with two VERY blue eyes. At 21 lbs, her puppies with Cash grow to the 20-24lb range. Faith’s puppies are some of the most beautiful puppies we have. See her past puppies below.    


When Belle meets a stranger, she looks to Jordan or Angela for “approval,” and then she immediately goes into “pet me! pet me!” mode. In fact, Belle can be demanding of affection. She is an all around happy dog who rarely leaves your side except to play with the other dogs now and then. But given the choice, Belle is happy to be sitting by your side, as long as you have one hand on her. She loves other dogs as long as she gets her fair share of attention. Belle is about 42lbs; a great size for those who [Click to Read More]


Sammie is a mini, red merle Australian Shepherd, 25lbs, ASDR registered, and has one blue and one partial blue / cinnamon colored eye.  She has a few different shades of red, plus copper, and she passes these gorgeous colors on to her AussieDoodle Puppies.  Sammie gives new meaning to the term “velcro dog.”  She is extremely affectionate and WILL NOT leave your side.  Sammie loves everyone in the family, and she will hang with whoever is giving her the most love.   Sammie loves to ride in the car, but she doesn’t like to be alone in the back seat. [Click to Read More]


 Meet Maggie: Maggie is considered a small standard / large mini at about 38lbs and 19″ tall. Her Sire and dam were both champions. If one could “mold” the perfect dog, it would be Maggie. I’ve never seen this girl get tired! She has her calm time, but very much enjoys her playtime, and is always ready to go. Maggie isn’t shy like some aussies; she loves everyone and absolutely loves snuggle time. Snuggling up close to your neck is her favorite. Maggie’s agility is amazing as well. I’ve had fun dogs in the past but she is blazing fast [Click to Read More]


Rio is a 30lb blue merle Aussie double registered with CKC, and ASDR.  Rio isn’t just another handsome stud. Jeremy selected Rio because of his gentle temperament. As you know, most Aussies are somewhat protective of their homes and their families, but not Rio. While loyal to his family, he loves to meet new people. He will come toward you, butt wiggling, nub wagging, and ready for snuggles. Just like Snowflake, he is super affectionate, but not demanding of your affection. He likes the water, loves to explore his yard, looking for squirrels and chipmunks. He likes to play outside [Click to Read More]


Snowflake is a  gorgeous apricot moyen size poodle, at about 30-35lbs, registered with AKC. If you see Jeremy, you see Snowflake; she’s always tagging along. Jingle the car keys Snowflake is ready to go.  She is super affectionate, even with strangers, and gets along with all dogs. She sleeps on the bedroom floor every night in her big luxury dog bed. Typically, Snowflake has her FOO FOO fancy poodle hair cut as shown to the right. Above, she had been shaved so it is easier for her to take care of her puppies.  She is very active and likes to play [Click to Read More]


Auna and Glimmer’s boyfriend is “Hercules”. What a beautiful boy. Hercules (we call him Herc) is the epitome of the breed standard for a TOY AUSSIE.  His HEAD, thick coat, and bone structure are just perfect.  Hercules has never met a stranger and comes running to greet anyone, with his butt wiggling  He passes this excellence onto his puppies. Best of all, Hercules is an international Champion. He is 16lbs and just under 14″ tall. Hercules has been tested and is fully clear of any genetic diseases.    


Glimmer is a Dark Chocolate, AKC poodle weighing in at 35lbs. She will also have puppies with Hercules. Her first litter is due in early October, 2017  


Auna is 16-18lbs. We expect her to make our most calm, small, and lovable AussieDoodles. If her puppies are anything like her, they will melt hearts.


Stella Stella is a FULL sister to Jordan’s Belle. If you haven’t see Belle’s AussieDoodle Puppies yet, WOW! Click here to see them. We expect very similar with Stella. Stella has had one litter of Aussies and they were “off the hook” gorgeous, with lots of blue eyes and pretty blue merles, so we are hopeful her AussieDoodles are the same. Stella is 35lbs, so Stella X Cash will be 25-35lb dogs, full grown.  


Pumpkin Pumpkin is a half – sister to robin. If you know AwesomeDoodle, you know Robin. Arguably the sweetest and move submissive girl we have, and Pumpkin follows suit. Pumpkin’s personality is bubbly. She’s always happy to see you, always ready to snuggle. When you get home, Pumpkin is patiently waiting and tries to contain her excitement, as she hopes she is the first thing you touch. I wouldn’t call Pumpkin a “velcro” dog, but she’s never far away. When she is sitting next to you, she’s not happy unless you’re petting her. But she also go out in the [Click to Read More]


Allie is a beautiful red merle mini with two blue eyes and very distinctive facial markings. She is sturdy, measuring almost 21 inches tall and weighing 55 lbs. She is registered with the American Stock Dog Association. She has completed her genetic testing panel and has tested clear for genetic defects. I have raised Australian Shepherds with my daughter Natalie before she moved to Texas and became and AwesomeDoodle partner. We live in a small town in eastern Ohio. We have three cats and my niece Sara living with us. Allie is the newcomer, but has easily become the center [Click to Read More]

Maddie, the class clown

  Maddie is the class clown of AwesomeDoodle. You’ve probably heard me say AussieDoodles have a “happy go lucky” attitude? That’s Maddie. She LOVES everyone, even strangers. She borderlines on being “In your face.” But wow, this girl is a lover and wants love from everyone. She will bark at strangers at first, but then love from up to them as soon as she is introduced. She is such a pleasure to have around. She always wants to be part of the action. She has a medium energy level which is satisfied with a couple walks per day and a [Click to Read More]

Gracie May

Gracie is a toy size Aussie, at 9 lbs. She is TINY. She will make toy size Aussies and we have a couple boyfriends in mind for her. Gracie has character, that’s for sure. She has some “toy-ish” mannerisms. She can be a little skittish of new people, (like most Aussies) and she thinks she is a little guard dog. Little dog, big personality. And you should see her fetch a Frisbee! Watch the video below. Diane and Morgan have been teaching her and Maddie to fetch, and they are doing well.