Patches Puppies

Patches X Cash Puppies

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All puppies below already have homes, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.

Since 2016, Patches has donated $20 to the Kentucky Humane Society.

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Sugar is a red bi color AussieDoodle. We love the red puppies! Super cute with a little white on her chest and two white back feet. Congrats to Tom and Robbie              


Otter is a tuxedo (bi color) male AussieDoodle. What a little handsome guy, he is. Congrats to Barbie and family.        


“She’s doing great! Very smart little girl w great temperament”   Pepper is a Blue merle Female with that classic Aussie look. Lots of white and a super cute patch on her left eye. Congrats to Raul and Amanda            


Sky is a cute little bi color tuxedo AussieDoodle with three white feet, and a map of the Americas on her chest. Does she hold a map to treasure? Congrats to Philippa and Robert          


Lexi is a little bi color tuxedo girl AussieDoodle, with two back white feet and white on her chest. She is a cute little white chin. Congrats to Evelyn and family.        


Pippa is a Tri – color AussieDoodle female with those hard to find copper highlights all over her legs and face. Wow! What a cutie. Congrats to Karen and Ron              


Maddie is a black and white AussieDoodle with lots of white and a white collar. What a doll. We can’t wait to watch that white come out as she grows. Congrats to Lee and Eric          


Macy is an exceptional red merle female AussieDoodle. These are the ones we wait for, but rarely see. She has that perfect red merle pattern, and lots of white on her snout, and that classic Aussie collar. Congrats to Marie and Timothy          


Benjie is a beautiful Blue Merle male. Classic AwesomeDoodle Style! What a handsome boy with those bold colors and small white spot on his nose. Congrats to Missy            

Remi: Red merle mini aussiedoodle puppy

“He is doing great! The whole family is in awe of him. He has never cried at night from day one. He goes right in the crate as long as he can see me and right to sleep. The bells on the door are working well, he rang yesterday probably 75% of the time. We had company last night and they couldn’t believe it. Remi loves everyone he meets. He was sitting and making eye contact by his third day with us. I use that when I need crazy puppy to stop. Lol I could go on all day…. I [Click to Read More]