Pumpkin’s Pups

Pumpkin X Cash Puppies

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All their puppies already have families waiting, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.


Dexter is a high contrast blue merle. He will be very striking as he grows and his coat gets longer. We haven’t had a puppy quite like him before. He will look similar to Kinzie and Noodle. Congrats to Evan and Jaclyn.      


Mia is an adorable red merle female with amazing copper on her face. She has bold colors and will be striking as an adult. She will look a lot like Coco, but with more copper. ¬†Congrats to Patrick and Holly.        


Bella is a darling red tri-color female aussiedoodle. She is so sweet and she has a ton of white on her, which is rare. She will look a lot like Watson. ¬†Congrats to Kurt and Lori.        


Louie is AwesomeDoodle’s Classic Tuxedo! He will look a lot like Oscar, with a little more white. Congrats to Megan and Paige.          


Sydney is an amazing blue merle female with a large white collar. She’s perfect! She will look a lot like Boomer. Congrats to Bridgin and Ian.