Robin X Cash Puppies
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All puppies below already have homes, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.

Since 2016, Robin and Ares have donated $80 to the Kentucky Humane Society

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When this cutie was born, Jordan called me and said, “Name him S’mores”! He’s got the milk chocolate, the marshmallow, and the graham cracker. I think he has a little caramel in there too. We love his new name too – Rudy!  What a cute little guy.  Congratulations to Ana and Jay in Texas.  


Sadie is one of AwesomeDoodle’s few exceptional red merles. If you wanted an AussieDoodle that looks just like a premium Australian Shepherd, Allie is your girl. She has everything, including a white snout, a full collar, and copper highlights everywhere. Best of all, she will have gorgeous eye liner when she gets a little bigger. She will look like Rosie when she grows up, however even better!  Congratulations to Lisette and James in South Carolina.            


“He was so sweet on the way home, unbelievable! We are so in love!” Bear is a beautiful little red tuxedo male AussieDoodle puppy. He will look a lot like Katie or Santi.  Congratulations to Bridget and Danny in Pennsylvania.        

Watson the black and white Tuxedo Toy AussieDoodle

This little guy is as sweet as they get. He’s a black Tuxedo with white front paws. Congrats to Alex and Melanie on this little guy. 7.5 weeks old   6 weeks old 5 weeks old 4 weeks old 3.5 weeks old 2 weeks old

Oso the intense dark Red AussieDoodle

At first we thought Oso was a black tuxedo, but it is looking like her fur will be a DARK intense red, which is a rare Aussie Color. We can’t wait to see how she matures. Congrats to Lori and Lois on this sweet little pea. 7.5 weeks old 6 weeks old 5 weeks old 4 weeks old. 3.5 weeks old 2 weeks old.

Santiago, the Toy Size Red tuxedo AussieDoodle

“6 days later we feel as if we have loved him for years. He is such a good boy! He is about 80% using the wee pads- we heavy treat train when he goes #1 & #2. Every night when we go up to bed- we have a little playtime, then when he is tired he walks into his kennel and falls right to sleep with he door open. Such a good boy! He is eating his kibble much better and growing right before our eyes. We do training multiple times a day and using the clicker. Tonight Rafael did [Click to Read More]

Emma, the Toy Size Blue Merle AussieDoodle

“Emma remains a very positive addition to our family. We have so much fun watching her gleefully carrying branches around the yard, pouncing on passing leaves, proudly bringing back her fetch toy, and running through her tunnel countless ways.  I promise, we are not encouraging her to get excited, but she is just hysterically funny when she has her crazy times – running in circles, grabbing one toy and then the next! I think her record is holding three toys in her mouth while running around the chairs, under the table and jumping on and off the coach! (She is [Click to Read More]