Snowflake Puppies

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All puppies below already have homes, but you can get your very own AwesomeDoodle from a future litter.

A previous Snowflake litter

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“Wilson is amazing! This week we worked a lot on eye contact, positive reinforcement for his name, trail walks and leash time.  Every morning after I take my daughter to school, Wilson and I hit the trails at the town park. It’s very wooded with a creek and still lots of snow. We walk for about an hour so he gets plenty of exercise and lots of time to practice off leash commands. And he’s perfect!  I fenced in a 20’x30′ area off my front door for easy outdoor potty training. That door has a bell and Wilson started using [Click to Read More]

Lilly: Black Bi Color Tuxedo

Lilly is a Black bicolor, tuxedo AussieDoodle. She has all black front feet, white back feet, and lots of white on her chest. We expect her to top out around 35lbs. Lilly‘s personality is starting to shine. She and her twin sister, Violet, like to stick together. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are both fairly calm and submissive, and both love to be held and snuggled. Lilly is outgoing, but not too rambunctious. She is NOT SHY at all, loves everyone, including strangers. We expect her temperament to be very well [Click to Read More]


“We made it to Sydney’s new home in Michigan. She was an absolute angel! She stayed in the crate in her bed and only whimpered when she needed to potty. She explored her new digs for a bit, played fetch with one of her new toys, then went in her crate and fell asleep; it was a long and exciting day for her.  I can’t thank all of you enough for this little blessing.  She’s so well trained already and we appreciate all of the training, socializing and love you showered her with. Please know that BG will be well-loved.” [Click to Read More]


“She’s an ace at sitting and waiting her turn for treats on her first day home! She’s really doing great. She waits her turn and she stays sitting the whole time now, even while the other dogs are getting their treats and jumping around.” Amy Congrats to Amy and her family. Juno is a blue merle and she looks (and acts) a lot like a puppy named Thunda, from our previous litter. She is very outgoing and doesn’t know the word “SHY”. She is a tiny bit bigger than the rest of her litter. We expect the litter to end [Click to Read More]


“We are so happy with Desmond and he has truly become part of the family!  He is so smart and adorable!” Congrats to Chris D and his family. Desmond is a dark blue merle. He and his little twin bother Coleman, the only two boys in the litter, are little buddies. When you see one, you always see the other. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are “happy go lucky” little guys. Both of these guys rarely bark, love affection, and are happy to do just about anything.  So far they seem [Click to Read More]