Spotlight Puppies


“He’s the chillest dog. I think socializing him as much as we did at the beginning made a HUGE difference. And now the biting and jumping and barking stopped he’s a dream boat. So loving and sweet. He is a HIT everywhere we go. We get stopped at least 10 times a day no joke. It’s wild. He had his first doggy sleepover this weekend. He’s depressed she’s gone today. And he’s mastered the bells. I honestly Gave up on them and one day he rang it, I was so excited and now it’s every time he needs to go [Click to Read More]

Kinzie the soon to be famous AussieDoodle

“She’s the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen.” Says Courtney. Kinzie is a high contrast Blue merle female AussieDoodle Puppy. She has black splashes everywhere, plus two different shades of silver. Look at this doll! Congrats to AwesomeDoodle’s own Courtney! 8 weeks old. 8 weeks old 7 weeks old 6 weeks old 5 weeks old 4 weeks old 3 weeks old   5 days old 2 days old


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for providing the cutest, most loving, and incredibly smart puppy I have ever met! Oliver is doing great. He has picked up pretty quickly where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and we have been working on our basic training (He really likes the “dont look at treats” move and dramatically looks away from my hand), and his mouthy-ness. We haven’t quite had a full night of sleep, but I think we’re getting there. He’s a big hit with everyone he meets, and loves to walk right between [Click to Read More]


“Hurley is AWESOME, no pun intended, we are all so excited to have him home and part of our daily life. Things are going surprisingly well and now I truly understand what “puppy crazytime” truly means. = ) they seriously just lose their mind.  Thanks to EVERYONE in the AwesomeDoodle family for bringing Hurley to us we are extremely grateful!”   UPDATE: Hi AwesomeDoodle Team: Hurley will be officially 4 months old this weekend and his growth over the last month and a half has been amazing!! He currently weighs almost 12 pounds since coming to us at 4lbs 9oz and [Click to Read More]

AussieDoodle Puppy Spotlight

“Tux is incredible — I couldn’t have dreamed up a better dog. He’s quite handsome too, although everyone (I mean EVERYONE) thinks he’s a Portuguese Water Dog. He’s currently en route for the weekend with my parents to the Sierra Nevada for a weekend of swimming, fishing, and hiking. Happy dog :)” Sophia (Tux is almost 3 years old now) AussieDoodles are known for their happy go lucky, fun loving attitude, and commonly referred to as the “Einstein” of dog breeds.  Combine the smarts of both the Poodle and the Aussie, put it into a low shedding fluff ball, and [Click to Read More]