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Picking a puppy: temperament vs. personality vs. behavior

What is the difference between temperament, personality, and behavior? When do dog start showing their personality? Below you will find definitions of each. You will also find information on how these three factors bleed into each other, as well as some tips on how you can shape the perfect dog. Temperament: “a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior.” The temperament of your dog is controlled by it’s genes. When I say, “poodles are very smart dogs,” or “Australian Shepherds love to swim,” these are descriptions of a dog’s temperament. Keep in mind, this is not the “rule” for [Click to Read More]

How to prepare your house for the arrival of your new AussieDoodle Puppy

Puppies want to be with people.  They are not happy closed up in a room by themselves.  You’ll want to spend time with your puppy, in an area of your house that is “puppy-proofed.” Below, you will find information on a way to prepare your house for your new puppy, no matter what kind of puppy it is! In this video below, we demonstrate a great way to gate off your kitchen, since that is where we spend the most time.  Your puppy will get comfortable in one room, where it has access to food, water, you, and it’s crate.  By confining [Click to Read More]

AwesomeDoodle Golden Rules for Dogs and Puppies

Our technique for training dogs is a combination of both corrective action and positive reinforcement.  Corrective action is similar to the way Cesar Milan teaches.  He lets his dog know if they are doing something he doesn’t want them to do.  He doesn’t hit them or scold them; he says, “Shhhht!” And sometimes he will tap them, just enough to get their attention and snap them out of the behavior they are doing.  He practices the “pack leader” theory, which leads your dog to believe you are in charge.  This creates a more submissive and well-behaved dog, rather than an [Click to Read More]

AussieDoodle Shipping, Pickup, & Delivery Options

We love to meet our puppy’s families and you are welcome to come pick up your puppy from any of our locations. If you don’t live within driving distance, don’t worry, you have options!  Many of our puppies ride on an airplane to get to their forever homes.  You can watch this video and read below, to see your options and know what to expect.   Option 1: Take your puppy home on the airplane with you. Many fly here and take their puppy home on the plane (we have used Southwest or American airlines). (Delta won’t allow it until [Click to Read More]

AussieDoodle Puppy
 Shopping List

The first week with your new puppy will be busy. Plan on taking some time off work to help your pup through this transition. Your puppy will demand much attention. He/she will be whining the loss of litter mates, his/her mother, and the humans he has been with since birth. It’s your job to fill that role, ease the transition, and bond with your new companion. It’s time to visit the pet shop. Don’t wait until you have your puppy; go now! Walking into the pet shop can be overwhelming. There are so many options, and inexperienced workers who don’t know [Click to Read More]